Our Soap Making Process

All Natural. 100% Pure Ingredients.

All of MudHead Soaps are artisan hand-crafted, using the cold process method — made with 100% natural, raw pure ingredients. Our farm fresh 100% raw goats milk and aloe vera juice blend is saponified by adding the rich goodness of skin-loving oils of olive, coconut, unrefined shea butter, and castor oils. Our handcrafted soaps have no chemicals or preservatives, filler oils “fluff” and absolutely NO PALM or SOY OILS.

Next, the goats milk and saponified oils combined, are added to the skin loving oils and is mixed. This is where the magic happens! This reaction causes saponification. With the combination of pure therapeutic grade essential oils, natural botanicals, herbs and grains, spices and natural clays added, the personality of the soap is BORN. We then pour into saponification. Two days later, the soap is removed from the mold, cut into logs, then bars and allowed to cure for three to six weeks. All natural, raw, pure and simple ingredients.

Using goats milk soap reduces the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. It is ideal for use on sensitive or problematic skin like acne, eczema and psoriasis. Our products are free of chemical additives and preservatives.